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Web site hosting FAQ

We've created this page to help answer some of the questions you may have regarding our Web Site Hosting accounts. We've included explanations of some terms you may not be familiar with, as well a few descriptions of the capabilities and features at your disposal.

Does Tx Web Management provide dial-up Internet access?

No, Tx Web Management does not provide dial-up service. You will need existing Internet access from a national provider or local ISP in order to access your e-mail and web site hosting account.


What is a POP e-mail account?

A POP e-mail account is an actual e-mail mailbox, which would require you to use your e-mail software with a user name and password in order to login and access your mail. With a POP e-mail account, you can both send and receive mail through your own domain name, or through Tx Web Management’s server, depending on which hosting option you go with.


What are forwarded e-mail aliases?

Forwarded e-mail aliases can be thought of as "virtual e-mail addresses." When someone sends a message to an e-mail alias, the message is automatically forwarded to your existing POP e-mail account, and would appear like any other message in your inbox.


Why would I want to buy my own certificate if Tx Web Management’s has one I can use?

There are some limitations to Tx Web Management’s certificate. By using our certificate the URL for your secure pages would be:
That means the customer would actually leave your server and go to Tx Web Management’s. Some people don't like this and prefer to have their secure pages on their own server: With your own certificate, that is possible. However, cost may be a prohibiting factor. That is why we offer use of Tx Web Management’s own certificate for a small monthly fee, enabling you to have low cost secure server access.


What encryption strength does Tx Web Management offer?

Both Tx Web Management’s certificate and yours, if you would purchase one, use 128-bit encryption. Currently that is the maximum encryption strength that is universally used. If someone visits your site whose browser only supports 40-bit encryption, the server will simply scale down the level to accommodate the user. But if the user supports 128-bit encryption, then the server will use 128-bit as well, further protecting the transmitted data.


How can we get a high page ranking in search engine results?

There’s no quick and easy answer to this one either. You need to begin by having search-engine friendly content that is rich with keywords that the search engines will recognize. A few years ago, there was no fee to submit your site to the major search engines, but that has changed. If you are a business, many search engines today require a fee to be considered for a listing. Many require a fee for quickly reviewing your application. We’ve sorted through all the do’s and don’ts, and can help you create a search engine submittal plan that will fit your budget.


Will you update my site for me on a regular basis?

Sure. In fact, we strongly encourage you to keep your web site “fresh” by regularly updating it. You provide us with the new content, and we’ll work it into your site. We can bill you by the hour for this service, or you can sign up for our maintenance plan. Contact us for more information.


How do we attract a lot of traffic to my web site?

The bad news is: it doesn’t happen automatically. You need to have a promotion/marketing plan for your site, and then work your plan. The good news is: you can do it! We have a simple plan of action outlined here. You can do this by yourself, or we can help.


Promoting & Marketing Your Web Site

“No one in their right mind would think that simply getting a phone number or opening a post office box is going to generate business,” says internet marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy. “Similarly, simply setting up an online presence is not going to generate business for anybody. You need to integrate your online presence with some good old-fashioned marketing.” (Source:

Here are nine great promotion strategies we recommend as part of your web site marketing plan. You can do them yourself, or we can help you.

Remember: Plan the work — then work the plan!

1. Regularly update your site’s content. Considering putting a “What’s New” or “News” section on your site, with a prominent link from the home page. Or put a small paragraph that changes regularly on the home page itself.

2. Give your visitors valuable information in the form of articles or fact sheets. Be a resource center, not just a brochure. You’re an expert in your field and people want to know what you know. If you share your knowledge freely, they’ll return to your site. When they’re ready buy the kind of services or products you offer, they’ll already know and trust you.

3. Offer a free newsletter that your visitors can sign up for. They will gladly sign up to get fresh and concise information that’s really helpful. Make the newsletter personal. Reveal the real person behind the email in their in-box and you’ll help your visitors feel personally connected to you and your business.

4. Link to other good sites in your field, and ask them to link to yours. Search the web for other sites that are in your field or community but are not direct competitors (Google is my search engine of choice). Put a link to them on your Resources and Links page (see our example here) plus a sentence or two about why you like the site. Then send the webmaster of the site an email, saying that you linked to their site and asking them to return the favor. Some will and some won’t, but it never hurts to ask. When other sites start linking to your site, it not only increases your traffic, it helps your page ranking in important search engines like Google.

5. Submit to the search engines. How to optimize your site for the search engines, how to submit and how much it costs is an entire field in itself. See Submitting to Search Engines for current information and resources.

6. Add a signature line with your web site address on every email you send out, even the personal ones. Be sure it’s a clickable URL that looks like this: Include your name, the name of your business, your tagline and your email address. You can also include your street address and phone number(s).


Internet Business Consulting

Making the right decisions about a Web presence is not easy. Tx Web Management’s, technical experience help clients chart an optimum course toward success. These services are offered free to new customers and qualified clients.

Tx Web Management’s team is committed to Web success of its clients. We make every reasonable effort to understand each client's business plan to ensure the Web site is completely matched with the client's business plan and the client's needs.

With each new sales prospect, Tx Web Management gathers a complete understanding of requirements before preparing a quote. We've proven the extra work up front provides a large success margin later when Tx Web Management undertakes projects.

How can Tx Web Management offer such competitive prices?

We have low overhead costs and avoid frivolous expenses.  Much of the expense involved with web site development is based upon a high labor rate by the designing and hosting companies.  $75/hr and up is common.  These companies typically pay for extensive office space, expensive computer networks and excessive software.  Tx Web Management doesn't have all of these expenses.  Our company is a pair of graphic artist and web designers with a background in computer science.


I pay too much for web hosting, can I switch services?

Yes you can.  It is necessary to contact the company where the domain name was originally registered.  Usually, the information can quickly and easily be changed online.  If another party registered your domain name, they should have the information necessary to make the switch.  With your authorization, we can do this for you.  It usually takes a couple of days for the transfer to take place, and your web site will be offline only minimally, usually not more than a few minutes.  Tx Web Management hosting is extremely reliable, secure, and offers competitive pricing.  View our hosting packages.

Once my site is up and running is any additional maintenance required?

Required?  NO.  Preferred, YES.   As long as you continue to pay for web hosting services, nothing need be done until the domain registration has to be renewed.  What you will likely want to happen will be minor modifications, add/delete pages, upgrade services, Search Engine Optimization, etc.  Also, you will probably want to know the statistics of your site, such as how many people are visiting, how much time they spend at your site and sources from which they link.  These statistics will be made available to you and us.  Additionally, as the web grows and new sites are added, the dynamics of search engines change significantly.  At first, it is likely to get your site listed near the top of a particular category or keyword search.  In time, it may be beneficial to change your site's keywords or relocate your site within the search engine structure to get better results.


How do I get more people to find and visit my web site?

Firstly and most importantly, know your audience and consider their needs.  Determine which other web sites they may already be visiting.  Contact those web administrators and set up a reciprocal link exchange.  This is mutually beneficial, inexpensive and easy.

Also, make sure your pages have appropriate keywords which accurately describe the content.  Many search engines have "spiders", programs which regularly search the web for sites to add to their database.  Sites are then categorized by a set of alphanumeric equations or logarithms.  These equations are changed regularly in order to be more accurate and keep individuals from abusing the system.  The process of fine tuning your web pages so they are shown during a search is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.  SEO is the most productive and cost-effective method for getting customers to your web site.  Tx Web Management is very competent in this area.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is the method of modifying your web pages by adding Meta Tags and making other adjustments so your site can be found by potential visitors through search engines.  Research has shown that the vast majority of people performing an online keyword search will only visit sites listed on the first page of the search results.  The goal of Tx Web Management is to determine the most relevant and popular keywords for you and get your site listed within the top three search results on major search engines.

Tx Web Management has put significant time and resources into learning how to effectively perform SEO.  In many cases, our clients get listed #1 for relevant keywords.  No one can guarantee specific results, but Tx Web Management has been extremely successful in SEO efforts.

How does Tx Web Management perform Search Engine Optimization?  See The Six Steps of SEO below.

1. Determine and Research Potential Keyword Phrases: We begin the SEO process by creating a preliminary list of keyword phrases which are relevant to your site.  Our team will then perform research to determine how often these searches are actually performed and what other similar phrases offer great potential.

2. Determine Keyword Phrases: We work together with you to determine what keywords your potential visitors will likely use to find your site.  The most popular applicable phrases can then be used.

3. Optimize Meta Tags and HTML Content: Once the specific keywords are determined, we will edit the Meta Tags and html content of your individual web pages to promote relevant keywords. Your website is then ready to be submitted for inclusion into search engines.

4. Submit Pages to Search Engines: We submit pages of your website directly to the search engines and directories.  The search engines respond by reviewing your site and categorizing the pages appropriately.  Note: It often takes 2-3 months before positive results are fully realized.

5. Review and Analyze Web Traffic Patterns: Depending upon your host, relevant information can be found by viewing your site's visitors statistics. (All sites hosted through Tx Web Management offer robust visitor statistics.)  These stats contain detailed information including;

where your visitors linked from

which search engine and keywords they used

how many and which pages they visited

    • how long they spent viewing your site

We then analyze this information to determine strengths and areas of opportunities.

6. Re-Optimize Page Content: Using this information, we can then re-optimize your website in order to improve results.  For maximum effectiveness, Tx Web Management recommends reviewing and optimizing pages at least several times a year.  Steps 5 and 6 should be performed every 4 - 12 weeks.



I already have a web site but need some help.  How can you help me?

First of all, we are easy to reach and always responsive to emails and phone messages. If you want to change something, we can quickly and easily log on to your current host (with your permission) or download your entire site.  Minor changes are easy; an entire makeover is slightly more involved.

· Are visitors having problems accessing your web site?

· Does it take an unusually long time to download your web site?

· Do you want to add or change graphics, photos, video or audio?

· Are you paying outrageous sums for minor changes?

· Is your current designer not concerned with your needs?

· Has your site become outdated due to lack of maintenance?

Tx Web Management can help solve these problems and many more.

It's my first web site, what do I have to do to get started?

The more time and effort you spend planning your site, the more likely you are to have excellent results.  It is important to know who your primary audience will be, understand what they want and how they will find you, and convey relevant information effectively.  You should have an idea what web address you would like to have.  Also, think about how you would like the web site to look.  I suggest taking a look at other web sites which have characteristics you appreciate in order to incorporate them into your unique style.  Drafting an outline on paper is always a good idea.  And, of course, contact us. So we may have an opportunity to discuss your goals and ideas, a first draft of your site can be created.  We will continue to work closely with you to get the results you desire.

What are the steps to creating a web site?

In its simplest form, there are 4 basic steps.

1. It is first necessary to have a web site address, also known as a URL (universal resource locator).  Typically, the format is used.  Other extensions are used for different type’s organizations: .org, .edu, .gov, .info & .biz are a few of the more common ones.  It is not difficult to register a URL, but often many names are already in use and you may end up with your second or third choice.

2. The next step is to find a web hosting service.  Basically, the web host is a computer (server) that holds your website information.  When another person attempts to access your site by entering your domain name (URL) into their web browser, your web site information is transferred to them from the serve. Compare our hosting packages.

3. The third step is to design and program your web site in a way that web browsers can interpret the pages.  Browsers read a computer language known as HTML (hypertext markup language), others such as DHTML, XML, JavaScript, php, asp and more.  Not all browsers interpret computer languages in the same way.  Netscape Navigator®, Internet Explorer®, AOL® and other browsers all understand different dialects of the same language.  Therefore, the same web page looks differently depending upon which browser is used.  Creating web sites that are compatible with multiple browsers is important, so visitors see what you have intended for them.

Finally, the web site must be published or uploaded.  This is the process of transferring the website from a local computer to the web host computer.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a site is determined by its scope, complexity, and your degree of readiness.  We offer a variety of packages, with standard and optional features.  For more information, please
review these materials.

All Tx Web Management sites include...
Quality design: We take pride in our work, with attention to every aspect of your site from page load times to navigation, presentation, and usability.

Domain name: Even our most basic sites include domain name services, with access to your pages via

Email services: Send and receive email, with optional auto-responders, mail forwarding, and web-based email.

Full-service hosting: Including Front-Page access, site statistics, and your own control panel.

Help from start to finish: A web site can be a complicated project, especially the first time out.  We'll advise you at each step on the way, and help in any way we can to wind up with a web site you'll be proud of.  We offer custom artwork, image manipulation, document scanning and conversion, help with writing copy, optional components for your site, and more.

Optional Update Now! Technology: Tx Web Management’s easy, cost-effective way to keep your contents up to date. Update selected portions of your site from within your web browser.

Prices that make sense: We provide design, construction, hosting, and ongoing maintenance at rates among the lowest in the business- easily affordable by any small business, professional, or even individuals.


With so many web site designers, and so many "do it yourself" options, why should I hire you?

We've been observing and studying web sites, and have been producing them for hire since 2003.Our Web sites routinely receive high praise from visitors and, more importantly, achieve results for their owners.


By focusing on what you need (as opposed to what you don't), we deliver high quality, expensive looking sites for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.  Combined with our full-service hosting packages, domain name deals, and search site submissions, we offer some of the best rates you’re apt to find for work of this quality.


How long does it take to get my account activated?

Accounts are activated within 24 hours of the time the request is received.

Are there any set-up fees?

Yes. There is a one-time set-up fee to establish your hosting or reseller account. Once you have the account, there are no set-up fees to upgrade or add additional domains or features.


What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your virtual Internet address, or URL. is our domain name. It is the name people use to find you on the web.


Do you handle domain registration for me?

Yes, we will take care of registering a new domain, or transferring an existing domain to our servers, at no extra cost. And when your registration comes due again next year, we'll notify you ahead of time so you can renew.

How do you handle customer support?

We request all support issues to be submitted in writing either via e-mail, or our tech support request form. Support requests may be submitted 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Phone support is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM CST. E-mail support is covered 24 hours a day.


How long does it take to get my questions answered?

Support issues are answered within 24 hours. In the event that your request will take longer, you will be notified within 24 hours.

If I switch hosts will I have to reregister my keywords and domain name with the search engines again?

If you have a site and a registered domain name already on the internet, any keyword marketing, search engine listings, links, etc will remain associated with that domain name, no matter where the site is hosted.

Do I have to change my ISP (Internet Service Provider) to host my website?

If you are happy with your current ISP, there is no reason to change. Web hosting is totally unrelated to how you access the internet. As long as you get on, it makes no difference to us who you use. We just want to make sure you have the ability to get online and receive your email. Of course we are willing to help you find a good ISP if you are not happy with your current one. While we don't offer Internet access itself, we've been around the block a few times so we can get you on the right track.


What are "Web Stats"?

For the most part they are a whole bunch of numbers you don't even want to figure out. However, our reporting software can make sense of all this and e-mail you valuable information regarding how many people visit your site, how they found you etc. It is our job to make sure you get your stats regularly or whenever you need them. Heck, we'll even translate them into English for you. No abacus or slide rule required.


Can You Host Database Driven Web sites?

Absolutely! The majority of the sites we build are database driven. Just drop us a quick email with the details of your application and we'll get back to you quickly. Odds are, it'll be no problem!


What is a Database Driven Site Anyway?

A database driven web site is a site with a little (or a lot of) programming that allows it to retrieve and display information from a central location (the database itself). There are endless applications for this: ecommerce, shopping carts, sites with content management systems, inventory management, etc. We have experience with both hosting and building database driven sites, so we're confident we have the ability to meet any challenge you can throw our way.


Web Site Development

Website development vs. Web site design... what's the difference?

Our definition of web site design is the creative portion of what a website should look like. Website development to us is a more holistic process that includes not only design or "creating the look", but also the crucial elements of programming and search engine optimization. Combining these three elements into a pleasurable experience for your website visitors produces a profitable web site for you!

What's next?

In the early days of the web, it didn't take much to impress a website visitor. Animated .gifs, JavaScript rollovers and framed websites were cutting-edge. Today it takes a lot more to impress site visitors and they are more interested in quality content than yesterday's flaming logos.

Advanced web site development features add both function and appeal to your website. At Tx Web Management! We build dynamic Websites that get results, guaranteed!

View some of the features that can be included in your next website in the column to the right. Or visit our portfolio to experience firsthand our web development talents.

Enjoy your experience and benefit from our experience in web site development.

Companies large and small have turned to us for effective web site development. From retailers taking their first tentative steps on the web with e-commerce initiatives to manufacturers looking to provide product information to prospective buyers, the professionals at Tx Web Management! We have the experience to handle your web site development project.

Just a few of our web development capabilities...

  • Flash web sites, including dynamic database-driven flash sites
  • Dynamic database-driven web sites
  • Streaming audio and video
  • On-line survey systems
  • Project management systems
  • Document management systems
  • Content management systems
  • Webcams


Open for business 24 hours a day, every day!

Imagine how much more profitable your company would be if you could operate 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Well, guess what? You can! By implementing an e-commerce web site, you enable your customers to shop wherever and whenever they like. All they need is an Internet connection, and all you need is an e-commerce web site design from Tx Web Management!

With consumers purchasing more and more on-line, a business that isn't allowing its customers to buy from its web site is missing opportunities and losing market share.

What Is a shopping cart system?

A shopping cart system provides an easy method for your customers to browse, select and purchase multiple products (or services) and to provide you with their payment and shipping information. Our custom-designed e-commerce system makes their shopping experience painless and your administration of your "store" as simple as possible. Need to add an item, change a description or price? No problem. A couple of mouse clicks, a little typing and it's changed. Track inventory, calculate shipping and sales tax, put items on sale, or allow backorders? It's all point-and-click.

Since our shopping cart system is a custom solution, we can modify and adapt it to whatever unique needs you may have. Custom shipping costs, discount structures, customer logins... nearly anything is possible.

Search Engine Optimization (and why it matters!)

Every day, 550 million searches are performed by people looking for something. Unless your web site is ranked in the top 10 results for your important keyword phrases, prospects can't find you and you're missing out on potential sales. Fully 2/3 of people searching don't look past the first page of results! Can you afford NOT to be there?

So how does Tx Web Management! Position your web site to be found in that top 10 list? Ideally the process starts before your website is even designed, or at the very least before the copy writing is done. Why? Because search engine optimization should be performed as the site is structured. SEO (search engine optimization) after the site is built tends to be more expensive than designing the site correctly the first time. Below you will find our game plan for search engine optimizing a typical site.

Improved search engine rankings...


1. Consult with the client to learn specifically about their business and target customers.

2. Research keywords the clients' customers actually search for (You say "search engine optimization", I say "search engine positioning.")

3. Build web pages for each of your primary keyword phrases used by prospective web visitors.

4. Write web site copy using keyword phrases in the right balance. Insufficient keyword repetition results in poor rankings. Overload the page with keyword repetition and the search engine penalizes you... and once again the page doesn't rank well.

5. Insert keyword phrases in the optimum locations on the page. For example, keyword phrases that lead off a paragraph count more than phrases deeper in the sentence.

6. Properly link your keyword phrases from page to page within your site.

7. Develop a sitemap that outlines and links to each and every page in the site.

8. Develop an inbound link program from other sites to yours, because the information on your website is only one factor as to why a site is ranked well. Inbound links and the right keyword phrases forming the links are critical for high search engine rankings.

9. Measure the results... make changes... track the results... make changes... repeat the process. Search engine optimization is not a one-time event. It's more art than science and always a moving target.

Search Engine Optimization heaven! A number one result for your keyword phrase.


Site Map

Home Page: Main page of the site
Web Design: Discussion of our web site design services
Web Development: List of some advanced features BANG! can add to your web site
Search Engine Optimization: Why it is so important that your web site be search engine friendly and ranks well
E-commerce: A discussion of e-commerce and shopping cart systems
Web Hosting: Discussion of the importance of choosing a reliable hosting partner
Portfolio: A list of sites that we have designed for other companies
Our Guarantee: Our commitment to getting your new web site found on the search engines and sending traffic to it

Contact Us: A form for you to tell us about you and how we can assist you
FAQs: Frequently asked questions we get from clients regarding web site development
Location: Our address and a map to our Tampa office
Employment Opportunities: A list of current open staff positions
Site Map: This page has links to all of the pages in the site


What web development technologies are you proficient in?


What development software do you use?

Our developers are proficient in DreamWeaver,  Adobe PhotoShop /Illistrator ,  and Fireworks.

Are your web sites viewable with any browser?

We develop for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and up and Google Chrome and up, and Firefox Mozilla.  These are the 3 most widely used browsers.

What size web sites are you typically used to building?

It ranges from a five-page site to large database driven enterprise applications.

I have an existing site that I don't like can you fix it and how much does that cost?

We can give you a free evaluation and a custom quote for site redesign.

Are you able to integrate streaming audio and video into your web sites?



What is my role in the development process?

With over a decade of graphic design, programming, web usability and marketing experience, the actual architecture (visuals, copy, navigation, etc) of the site will be our responsibility.  Your role will be the most crucial part of this process in that you will be responsible for communicating to us the details of your business, industry, markets and your goals for the application